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This zebra is DOPE.

Midterms? What midterms?


I came out of my hole for this...

Britt's Babalicious B-Sides
Perfect Day // Hoku
Lay All Your Love On Me // Mama Mia!
Pool Party // The Aquabats
Pink Triangle // Weezer
Hakuna Matata // The Lion King



Last night was amazing. Didn't even care I missed the ball dropping. Trust, it was worth it. 

So, what was everyone's New Year's resolution? 

Bored and Drunk

I am bored and drunk. First offer gets to second base with me. 




Meh, I'm bored.

So I'm gonna post some audio of me singing. All videos have been burned. But something I write stuff and record it. 


I forgot to say this...

But I just made Manhattan shopping my bitch. 

Take THAT black friday. Bend to my will. 

Sam, I hope you're okay with me using your spare key so I can store some stuff in your place. I don't want my nosey ass roommates poking around in my presents. Don't open the black bag. You don't want to be spoiled.

Other then that, my life has been boring. I work a lot. I've been going out with some lovely people lately. Sam's friends have opened up my dating pool. :D

Have a great weekend!!!! 

For those of you as confused as I was.



I forgot to yell about this!

I will now be working at The Fat Black Pussycat as your new sexy bartender. :) I expect good tips. I'll wear my sexy bra.

Work Schedule:

Thursday - Monday: 8pm - 5am
Tuesday, Wednesday - Off

So, come see me and I will not give you any kind of discount and will not spend a lot of time talking to you because I am a hard worker and don't want to get fired. :) 

Good thing I am a night owl. :)

Sam tells me some of you do Karaoke there on Mondays. I look forward to seeing you sing! :D

I've had some nice dates with some nice, attractive people lately. It's been good times. :)  


Bored at work

So, for those of you that care, I man the front desk at the library at The New School three afternoons a week. This is an insanely boring job that ends up with me spending most of it finishing my own homework. 

That being said, I was out of homework to do, since my midterms are over, and I ended up being one of those girls who takes 30 pictures of herself on her macbook trying to look "sexy" or "angsty" or "skinny." This one is my favorite.

See the rainbow? It's because they follow me wherever I go. I'm just that gay. I also really like my freckles in this picture.

God, I'm pale. 

How is everyone doing? Anyone else spend this afternoon taking self indulgent pictures of themselves? Is so, share! 




I never meant to cause you trouble...

I need a job. Whoever can afford to pay the most in rent gets the big bedroom by themselves, and I want that bedroom. I’ve been sleeping on a blow up mattress on the floor in the living room with two other people for a year, and I’m really tired of that air mattress. So, a job is a must. 

Speaking of the roommates, I honestly am not even sure who actually lives here anymore. I think only six of us pay rent, but I'm pretty sure there are nearly 10 people here on various nights. I've lost count. That is mildly concerning. It's also why I always travel with all my important stuff, laptop, ipod, etc. I don't know if someone is going to steal something. I like to think they won't... but you never know. Seeing as i don't even know everyone's names... it's very possible I'm living with an ax murderer. 

Sometimes, I feel like I am living in some weird hipster movie, which was never my intention in life, but things happen. Are hipsters even cool anymore? I think I would know that, living in NYC. Ya know, I never get tired of saying that. I live in New York City. THE City. 

And I'm typing this at a Starbucks. On my MacBook. Can I get any more cliche right now? 

I didn't think so. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good Halloween. What is everyone dressing up as?